National Teachers Day 2018

National Teachers Day 2018

National Teachers Day 2018, one of the most important day for all of us. Because almost all of us have teachers. This is a united holiday for all of us. Let’s look back on our stories.

I still remember when I was in Elementary and High School and even in College. I was always excited to go to school to meet some of my professors. But I must admit, others are not kind, and it gave me hard time to actually understand why, but eventually, when I am getting older, I realize that those teachers who are not kind most of them are the brilliant ones.

It seems that they are not kind, but, what they really wanted is that the student should learn properly. I will not be in where I am today without my teachers. I still pondering some of my favorite teachers, sometimes they are very talkative. Talking about their lives and their families, some their struggles.

Some of my favorite teachers are not only lecturing, but teaching, they are very much concerned with the student’s future. They will not give up unless students learns what they were teaching. They are becoming very personal. Talking to students privately and even their parents.

Monitoring is one of the most important traits of my favorite teachers. They know what’s happening to students, they even know what’s happening outside of the premises of the school. These teachers are amazing they are one of the best.

In this National Teachers Day, let’s all look back on how we got here, how we learned all of the things that we are using in our workplace. Let’s not only honor our teacher, but all of the staff in our schools. They are all part on what we became today and what we can become.

National Teachers Day is one of the most holiday that I am looking forward to. I always intently go to some of my favorite teachers. We became friends after all this years, and it’s a blessing for all of us.

And like parents, they always have a golden wisdom in them.

Here at move digital Philippines. We honor teachers and schools. As a company we are committed to help schools promote their teachers and their education through our Services.

Antipolo Tourism Fair

Antipolo Tourism Fair 2018

Antipolo Tourism Fair. Here we go again, one of my favorite place to hang out with every single year. There is a lot to do in this fair.  That is why I always look forward for this event. Its unique, and most especially its not far from the Metro.

You can ride a bus, or use your very own car. But for me, I always ride Jeepney just to feel the fresh air of Antipolo.

As a blogger, I travel a lot all over the country and most of them in the summers. But most travelers or bloggers are always considering travelling outside Metro Manila. Riding ferries or airplane just to get to a particular destination.

But the Philippines is such a great place, even in the metro, we have tons of tourist spot that we can be proud of. And Antipolo is no exception. It’s only 30 minutes away from the metro. It’s a prosperous and safe city to travel,

Its clean and its complete, It has high end hospitals and shopping malls. But what Antipolo City set apart is that it has a lot of tourism spot. That is why, I am always looking forward to Antipolo Tourism Fair every September.

They celebrate and featured so many things about this wonderful city, From its mountainous scenery and plateau city. Antipolo is quite unique.

As they celebrate the 6th Antipolo Tourism Fair that is held on September 20 – 23. Another milestone from Antipolo will be established.

With better governance and disciplined citizen, we can say that Antipolo is one of a kind.

The Antipolo Tourism Fair will feature different kinds of food and delicacies where Antipolo is known of. Musician all over the place will play to celebrate this wondrous city.

So if you are planning to travel this September, Try to consider Antipolo City, and try attend Antipolo City Fair and celebrate the goodness of God of this City.

Move Digital Philippines

Move Digital Philippines a Digital Marketing Agency in Rizal Philippines

Introducing, Move Digital Philippines, is the first and pioneering agency that focused on small to medium enterprise. We are committed to serve SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprise) to a different level.

Most of the Digital Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Agency in the Philippines does not cater the audience that Move Digital Philippines is catering. Let’s admit, Digital Marketing is complex with that complexity, it’s expensive.

There are so many personnel that should be needed to perform Digital Marketing on a particular company which SME’s are not ready to accept in terms of financial obligations. At the same time, most agencies in the Philippines believed that to be effective they need to use an integrated approach which requires massive technology and many personnel’s alike

But every problem has its solution, here in Move Digital Philippines we believe that those agencies think that Integrated Marketing is expensive and SME’s could not afford such are right. We have a better solution.

We created a paradox a specific platform or a methodology for SME’s. A specific platform or way for SME’s to catch up with this Digital Paradox. Using this paradox, we can even explain more the beneficial factor of our product to every single owner of SME’s.

We make it simple, we make it unique, and we make it pioneer. We believe that we are pioneer In this type of platform that big agencies will follow through.

Let’s admit it, Push marketing is dying every single year, and every business in this technological revolution era should be entering or transferring into Digital platform.

We must admit, that changed is quite fearful and expensive. But here in Move Digital Philippines we flip everything for the benefit of SMEs.

Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital Marketing Simplified. That’s what we do here in Move Digital Philippines. Our aim for every small to medium enterprise to understand the path to digitization.

The complexity of the technology plus the complexity of online segmenting is hard enough to understand by anyone. Most especially business owners who are not technically savvy. Some Digital Personnel themselves is having a hard time explaining the facts and details of such topic.

We built move Digital Philippines for many reasons, one of them, is to explain and simplified Digital Marketing. We believe that our methodology of technology is enough for small to medium business to grow and to sustain them in this Digital Age.

Online Marketing is a huge industry, it has so many components that are defined useful, but not appropriate for small to medium businesses. The complexity of Analytics themselves is just too much if we apply it to a small to medium enterprise.

That is why, we created a platform that is specifically to solve this huge problem. A digital platform that can boost small to medium business in digital transformation gradually. We believe, based on our experience and case study that this platform is enough to radicalize the marketing strategy of every small to medium business.

Digital Marketing Simplified is our main tagline in Move Digital Philippines. We believe that we created a perfect solution and explanation for every type of business under the category of SME’s.

We believe LOCAL SEO is exactly what SME’s needs nowadays, We also believe a well optimized website is great for any businesses. At the same time Video Marketing can boost customer conversion.

And most especially, the branding of your company can boost brand awareness. That’s what we do here in Move Digital Philippines.

If you are SME’s, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Email Specialist can thoroughly explain our services and how our platform can help you succeed in the Digital Age.

Let’s Move,  Let’s move to Digital. And Lets make Digital Marketing Simplified,

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Lets be a partner for your success.

Why Small to Medium Business?

Small to Medium Business Move Digital Philippines

Move Digital Philippines is a Digital Marketing Agency that is located in Rizal Area, Philippines. We are committed to serve small to medium businesses in the Philippines and in the world.

Rizal Province

Digital Marketing is a technique and a tool that is supposed to be using by Small to Medium Enterprise, it is designed to help SMEs all over the world to compete with the big brands in their own industry.

But, Digital Marketing is a bit difficult, confusing and complex. Here at Move Digital Philippines, we are committed to one thing only, Guide the SMEs on the right path of digitization.

Small to Medium Businesses needs to Move Digital

SMEs needs to take advantage of the technology that is available today, to grow their business. This is a generation that Big Brands and Small Brands can compete in a neutral arena.

So let us help you, do not be fooled by others who is offering you different services but does not guarantee anything at all. In Digital Space consistency and reputation is important.

We created a program that fully support SMEs to guide them on the right path of Digitization.

You may contact us for more details and let us explain to you the benefits of Digital Marketing for your company.